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protoman SandstormTest by JEDI-Sheng
protoman SandstormTest
This is NOT my original work, the drawing is by the amazing Nogiho- I recently was given Photoshop CS6 as a birthday and Christmas present and as I am very out of practice I was playing around with Photoshop Actions, specifically Sandstorm as the last time I had Photoshop, there was no such thing as Actions!
The ONLY reason I'm uploading it here, to my scraps, is so that I can show the original artist what I accidently ended up with when trying Sandstorm on the image as...  well, I think it actually looks rather cool and I'm uncertain how else to upload an image so I CAN show Nogiho.
Once Nogiho has seen it, I will be taking this down as...  well it's just up on my page temporarily for linking purposes.
Hmmm, what to say
Classes continue unabated (well there was a scare where a teacher told me to sign up for a class then after the add/drop told me it was the WRONG class, but it thankfully got sorted out)
Someone broke into my truck and with the exception of my TomTom (I keep it in an OLD CD case, under my maps in the door panel) everything of value was stolen and everything save the upholstry was ripped to shreds and strewn around the inside and outside of the truck.  Thankfully the holpostry wasn't shredded (and given taht my knife was in the truck and missing that could have been a possibility), despite the lock being jimmied (the plastic covering was sticking out at a 90 degree angle from the body panel) the locks till WORKED/S, and the guy didn't A: break a window or B: steal my truck.  I happen to LIKE my truck, I use it once a week for hauling everything from a quarter ton or more of dirt to huge standing lamp/fan combos made out of HEAVY metal.  I get better than 20 miles per gallen, averaging around 25, and plus... dude, truck.  This thing will last 8 or more years as long as I don't let it rust or the like.

*sigh*  My art notebook and my idea notebook were in the truck because we have hours with no customers at work so I keep them in my truck to take into work with me to fill the dead hours.  The art notebook was actually once of those huge, thick, spiral monsters that's the equivilent of a 5 page subject notebook.  The idea notebook WAS a 5 subject college ruled notebook.  Both were almost out of empty space, two or three months and I would ahve repaced them.  It seems the theif didn't like that the only things in the truck (s)he could find was the Ipod I'd won, my Navy folding knife and said notebooks. EVERY page was ripped apart, and I have yet to be able to put a full page back together.
EVERY timeline from fanbased to original=gone.
Every character bio that I have not put in the computer (well over 100)=gone
Every anatomical design not currently scanned in and on devart(300 or more)=gone
Every sketch and paragraph of transformers anatomy, piliths, berths, etc(equal at least with anatomy)=gone
Every scene scetch for fan and original work(don't even ask how many)=gone

I KNOW I'm lucky I came out of the store AFTER the guy/gal was gone.  I KNOW I'm lucky that the window wasn't shattered and that the only things stolen were things I can replace fairly easily (though I won't win another Ipod free;) and I KNOW that I was lucky the guy mised my TomTom... but the fact that the thief RIPPED UP everything that I've been working on for (oh dear lord) better then three years now is a hard blow.

And then the sunday of the week before this I got a facefull of frast, which I'm allergic to, which made my eye swell, which ripped my contact and I got an infected cut in my cornea.  NOT fun.  But thank god for antibotics, it's almost cleared up now!

Ummm let's see
Went to DragonCon with my sis, had a GRAND time.  Gave presents to Ursuala, Otter and Jennie (antique otter toy and a necklace and braclet that Manda made).
Manda got almost all of her pirate costume...  we discovered about half a day after going 'oh cool, we could start a steampunk pirate movement' that... yeah it already exists and it's called Air Pirate.
Okay I keep thinking that all Air Pirates sound like Don Carnage, and that would be the coolest thing EVER.
I got to wear my belly dancer belts, wrap pants and fun shirts the whole time (I done have harem dancer bling! ;)
Soooooo many fun costumes, and much fun to meander around at, I recomend it...  though I must admit despite the fun I do enjoy Botcon a bit more overall, if only because I don't like buying clothes or art that much... I'm a figurines I can play with gal, and the figurines there were... ummm some of them you could move the arms and head on?  i think?  Maybe?


heeeee, steampunk Don Carnage.
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United States
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